Malware infections: Trojans

It is a software that is hidden in our computer, do you remember the "Trojan Horse" ?, This is the modern version for computer systems.

Malware infections: Computer Worms

Similar to Viruses, they have the ability to copy (duplicate), using the automatic parts of the operating system.

Malware infections: Adware

What is an Adware ?, Are programs that basically show advertising, often installed in our browsers or even as pop-ups.

Malware infections: Virus

"The worst virus is the human being", why ?, it is very important to understand that we have access to a lot of information, and very little knowledge, this leads us to make very serious errors regarding security, so how to fix it ?.

Malware infections: SpyWare

What is a Spyware ?, is a spy program that collects information from a computer and then transmits this information to an external entity without the knowledge or consent of the owner of the computer.


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