Cellular Amplifier

A cellular signal booster can be the solution if the right one is selected. To find the right solution, it is important to know about cell phones.

Mobile telephony or cellular telephony is a means of wireless communication through electromagnetic waves = frequencies, with 3rd party technologies. and 4th. generation, known as 3G / H + and 4G / LTE. Although the frequencies used by the operators are various, it is not information that is required to select an amplifier, since most amplifiers amplify the entire frequency band used in mobile telephony in Mexico.

3G technology is where the phone call is processed and carries good speed data. 4G is only high-speed data: Internet, email, social networks, WhatsApp, etc.

In the following table we can see the technology that each provider currently uses.

TELCEL 3G - 850 MHz / Band 5 - 1900 MHz / Band 2

                   4G - 2100 MHz / Band 4

                   4.5G 2600 MHz / Band 7

AT&T 3G - 850 MHz / Band 5 - 1900 MHz / Band 2

                  4G - 2100 MHz / Band 4

                  4.5G - 2100 MHz / Band 4

MOVISTAR 3G - 850 MHz / Band 5 - 1900 MHz / Band 2

                        4G - 1900 MHz / Band 2

ALTÁN 3G Networks - 700 MHz / Band 28

Note: What is shown in the table is for reference only.

The signal amplifiers together with a pair of antennas and coaxial cables "is to capture, repeat and amplify, the signals and technologies" of the operators that arrive at the site where they are installed.

It is also important to know that its output power depends on the input signal, so it is highly recommended that it be installed where there is a signal and that the external antenna (donor) is in a free place and pointing towards where the signal comes from, in addition of a proper separation between antennas.

It is important to observe the specifications of the amplifiers, how many frequency bands are amplified, and thus know which technologies and operators it supports.

Another fact that you should observe is the area that it can cover, because each amplifier has a different gain and power, as well as the accessories it brings (in case of a kit) can make its coverage area different, without forgetting that its output power depends on the input signal and that the broadcast signal is affected by the walls, tiles and obstacles that are in its path.

Since we now have a better idea about the cell phone and its operation of the cellular signal booster, we invite you to contact us so that we can advise you correctly on the correct model of cell phone booster that you need.

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For its installation, it is advisable to hire a professional to assemble this type of system.

In the following articles, we will continue explaining the different quality options, benefits and systems that exist in the market.

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