Programs to protect yourself

The best known programs to protect our computer system from malicious software and its threats.


It is the best known tool, there are many free or paid options. We recommend that this tool is worth paying. Some databases are updated daily, others consume enough system resources, so it is advisable to have knowledge of which would be the most appropriate for your systems. We recommend the Eset brand (Eset NOD32), they have very good options for all types of systems. www.eset.com

Anti Spyware:

For the cleaning of this type of Malware we recommend SuperAntiSpyware, the free version helps but it is not ideal, as we always recommend the paid version to be able to use all its capacity and make sure to be clean of these Malware, although it is very simple to put in March, a correct configuration is essential. www.superantispyware.com

Anti Malware:

Malwarebytes offers very competitive software for the vast majority of threats, the payment option includes some utilities to prevent infections. www.malwarebytes.com


This software will free us from most Adware and programs that are installed in browsers. www.malwarebytes.com/adwcleaner/


This software once installed, will be responsible for cleaning temporary, cookies and histories of both the system you have and the browsers installed. www.ccleaner.com

Remember to always have your tools updated! Although we must pay for them, we will guarantee reliability, updates and in some cases technical support.

We want these Post to be very helpful to those people who did not know the world of "Malicious Codes."

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