Malware infections: Review

When we want to protect our computer system, we often believe that by installing an Antivirus we are already safe, the reality is that there are many types of malicious software and antivirus programs do not protect us from all threats.

To be informed is the best weapon, let's do a quick review of the most common types of malicious software and how to combat it.

Many people encompass everything in a single concept: "Virus", but there are many types of Malware, and against many of them, the most effective way to combat them, is to recognize them, we have seen the most frequent, although there are more.

There are several tools at our disposal for these threats:

A- Temporary or corrupt file cleaning software.

B- Anti spyware or anti malware programs.

C- Firewall.

And of course Antivirus.

Remember to always have your tools updated! Although we must pay for the tools, this guarantees us reliability, updates and in some cases technical support.

In the next Post, we will share and explain one by one, the most used tools.

Contact us with any questions, we are sure we can help you.

See you in part 18, there is much more to learn.


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