Malware infections: Trojans

It is a software that is hidden in our computer, do you remember the "Trojan Horse" ?, This is the modern version for computer systems.

It acts giving access to another user from another place, can connect and take control of the equipment, this type of software is not destructive by itself, but it is a tool that used in bad hands, can lead to the destruction of our files and even from the same team.

How do you usually achieve the goal of installing in our system ?, usually by email, inviting to open an encrypted or compressed file, it is also very common in free applications in unsafe places, in both cases when decompressing the file or installing the application, the Trojan is installed.

In any case, the best way to avoid this type of infection is to know the different situations, training is the most powerful tool, "knowledge and discipline can save us a lot of problems."

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