Malware infections: Virus

"The worst virus is the human being", why ?, it is very important to understand that we have access to a lot of information, and very little knowledge, this leads us to make very serious errors regarding security, so how to fix it ?.

Informing us, taking a few minutes a day to know the security risks and what we should NOT do.

What is a virus and how do we avoid an infection? The "VIRUSES" are programs that, when executed, infect different parts of the computer, whether processes, or other programs, work by altering the different operations in different ways, in the worst cases, damaging the system.

This type of malicious code must be executed manually to start its operation, that is, it is the “human” that ends up infecting the system, they are usually camouflaged within other types of files and thus manage to execute indirectly. Logically, we must avoid unrecognized downloads or from unreliable sources.

The rules or policies of the company are vital in terms of internet use, knowledge and discipline can save us a lot of problems.

Faced with a sudden failure, it never hurts a scan of malicious code in each terminal of the network. A single infected terminal may be generating significant congestion in it.

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