Malicious Code or Malware

Malware is an acronym for "malicious software" in English, translated into Spanish as malicious code.

Malware is programs designed to infiltrate a system in order to damage or steal data and information. Malware refers to any type of malicious software that tries to infect a computer or mobile device. The malware is used for multiple purposes, such as extracting personal information or passwords, stealing money or preventing owners from accessing their device and many more. This could saturate the company's network and put at risk the confidential information you have on your computer, sharing the data without realizing it, so be very careful, always keep your systems up to date, you must protect yourself against malware by using anti-malware software .


1 - The rules or policies of the company regarding the use of the Internet and its security, and discipline, can save us a lot of problems.

2 - Be very careful before installing any solution, do not trust all paid or free solutions (they are not always effective).

3 - Periodic maintenance and security should be the priority of every computer system.

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