Common failures in computer networks: Bandwidth

What is Bandwidth? Is the amount of information or data that can be sent over a network connection over a period of time.

Bandwidth is generally indicated in kilobits per second (kbit / s), megabites per second (Mbit / s) or gigabites (Gigabit / s).

A common flaw may simply be that the bandwidth we have does not meet all the demands of the network, possible failures can be locally (within our network environment) or the Internet.

It is always very beneficial to invest in our communications network, a Cat5E cable may not be correct if the demands of the network are very high, to solve this issue we have Cat6 or Cat7 cables to install, which significantly increase the speed of our network.

Also our bandwidth in the local network can be affected by the quality of our switches or routers, a switch with 10/100 speeds (Mbps or Mbit / s) can slow a network, the logical thing is to install one of more speed 10 / 100/1000 (Mbps or Mbit / s).

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