Common failures in computer networks: NIC or TIR

And what is a network card? It is also known as a network card, network adapter, LAN adapter, physical network interface or its English terms Network Interface Card or Network interface controller (NIC).

Whose literal translation from English it is a "network interface card" (TIR), it is a hardware component that connects a computer to a computer network and makes it possible to share resources (such as files, printers and internet), between two or more computers, within the same network .
Failures in a faulty network card are a common problem, when a computer produces sporadic or intermittent errors (sometimes connected, sometimes disconnected, or changes in network speed), and when it only happens at a workstation.
You can check the operation of the network card, how ?, in the place of the computer where the network cable is connected, you will find a green LED (normally it is green) and a second yellow or similar, that of green color, should flash or stay on, if it is off, verify that the cable is correctly connected at both ends.

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