Common failures in computer networks: Switch or Router

In some cases, computer network failures have no apparent cause.

Switch or router failures

An example: our machine can send and receive emails without problems but it does not have internet access, or we are quietly browsing the network when access is lost from one moment to another and after a few minutes there is internet again.

When connectivity problems are local, the problem can be solved by restarting the access switch or router. And here we go, what is a Switch ?, A “switch” or switch is a device used to connect several computers in a network, forming what is known as a local area network (LAN) and whose technical specifications follow the known standard as Ethernet And what is a Router ?, A “Router” is a router or router that serves to interconnect computer networks (similar to the switch), with the addition that they implement Internet access doors such as ADSL routers, Cable or 3G (cellular networks).

If these problems are repeated too frequently, it is necessary to check the quality of our power source, changes in the power supply can cause equipment malfunctions or even damage to our routers or switches. If after all these verifications the problems persist, perhaps it would be a very good idea to call a specialized technician.

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