Common failures in computer networks: IP addresses

A “Slow” network is a very serious problem, disgusted users, slowdown and overload at work, are just some of the reasons, we share the most common failures.

IP Address Conflicts

We go in parts, what is an IP ?, is the address assigned to a computer on the network automatically or manually, in conclusion, a Host, and what is a Host ?; The term host or host is used in computer science to refer to computers or other devices connected to a network that provide and use services from it. (Wikipedia)

Modern systems have DHCP services, and here we go again, what is DHCP ?, in Spanish Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol. (For more details, Wikipedia).

DHCP services allow them to prevent a repeated IP on the network. Although sometimes it can happen that 2 computers have the same IP assigned, since one of them can be configured statically (manually) and the other dynamically (automatically). This fact is known as Duplicate IP.

The first tip is to keep your network tidy, that avoids problems and helps us detect and / or rule out failures quickly.

The second tip and not least, we must verify that we do not have 2 DHCP servers running, for example our data server and a Router, which generally both function as DHCP servers (which is their default configuration).

The third tip, stop nonsense and play if you don't know (it can get worse), quickly call a network technician to quickly detect and solve the problem.

Or better, contact us, we are sure we can help you.

See you in part 2, or Yes, there is much more to learn.


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