What are telecommunications?

A telecommunication is any transmission or reception of normally electromagnetic signals, it can contain any type of information, image, sound, texts, etc.

Telecommunications is a basic infrastructure of the current context. The ability to communicate almost anything and almost instantaneously, in addition, telecommunication is today a social and economic factor of great relevance.

They achieve a fundamental role in several activities: commercial, financial, stock or business. The mass media also use them to share content to the public, of great importance when it comes to understanding the concept of "Mass Society."

Telecommunications is found in many technologies, some examples are: Radio, television, telephone and mobile telephony, also in data communications, computer networks, Internet, radio navigation, GPS or telemetry. Mostly these technologies were born to meet military or scientific needs and have converged in others focused on non-specialized consumption called "information and communication technologies", today all of them are of great importance in the daily life of all of us.

The current trend is the communion of telecommunication with other disciplines such as computer science, electronics or telematics to design and offer these products and services, complex and multidisciplinary enough so that the border between the contribution of these disciplines is not perceived by people.

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